This is intended for students who already have a physical form on file with their school. If securing a physical appointment is an uncontrollable hardship please contact both the health aide and the athletic director. 

Starting May 1st, 2020 parents/guardians can complete the Athletic Packet for all 2020-2021 sports seasons (summer 2020, fall, winter, spring) by going to:

Athletic Packet  

First time users will need to set-up an account (you must have your student’s ID# to create an account; incoming students will receive their Student ID#s from the District Office both on the InfoSnap Letters & on the Summer Census letters). Returning users should enter their previously selected username (email) & password to log-in. Each student can only have one account. After the packet is completed & submitted, a confirmation email will be sent from SportsNet. Student athletes must be cleared through SportsNet before they can participate in athletics!

Physicals that have not yet expired (were completed within the last year) and are on file in the SMHS Health Office, can be used until they expire and do not need to be resubmitted. Physicals must be completed by an MD, DO, PA or NP in order for clearance to be renewed (please ensure the Date of Exam, Physician Signature & Stamp are included on the Medical Examiner’s Statement/physical form). To obtain a blank physical form, click on Student Health on the SMUHSD homepage (under Families) or click here:

Physical Form 

(Please use the electronic physical form below if possible)

Due to potential challenges the come with the current COVID-19 pandemic, there is an Electronic Physical Form (medical examiners statement) that below so that  families can send it to their doctor to do one of 2 things: (1) have the doctor complete a new virtual physical, and sign it, or (2) complete the form based on information from a prior physical they have on record and complete the extension form if needed (if the physical is more than 1 year old). The other form below  is the Extension of Eligibility Form, which is a form that doctors must complete if a student’s physical has expired (more than a year old) and they cannot get in to get another one. 

Electronic Physical Form

Extension of Eligibility Form

You may log back into SportsNet at any time during the year to upload new or updated Physical forms . You may also do the same with the Adult/Student Driver portion.

Any questions about medical clearance please contact

Athletic Director Jeff Scheller-


Health Clerk

Renee McAuliffe-