Coed Junior Varsity Track, Coed Varsity Track · 10 years of Bearcat Invitational !!

San Mateo High School hosted its 10th annual Bearcat invitational on a beautiful and warm Saturday at SMHS with over 30 schools participating.  Bearcats shined in various events throughout the day especially Frosh Soph girls and boys.

The top 6 results of the day for Bearcats:

Varsity Boys

  • Eeshan Bhat took 2nd in 800 mtrs
  • 4X400 relay team took 3rd place. Team – Noa Mandorf, Michael Vendel, Eeshan Bhat and Waylon Turbes

Frosh Soph Boys

  • 4×100 relay team took 1st place. Team – Lucas Castillo, Marco Martin, Cagn Steinbrecher and Steven Huang
  • Elijah Walker took 5th place in 100 mtr hurdles
  • Lucas Castillo took 5th place in 100 mtrs.
  • Elijah Walker took 3rd place in 300 mtr hurdles
  • Lucas Castillo took 2nd place in 200 mtrs
  • 4×400 relay team took 1st place. Team – Marco Martin, Albin Kagedal, Steven Huang and Anders Voss

Frosh Soph Girls

  • 4×100 relay team took 4th place. Team – Gwynn Chio, Nina Ofitserova, Anya Higashionna and Ankita Inamti
  • Chloe Van Voorhis took 6th place in 1600 mtr
  • Nina Ofitserova took 4th place in 100 mtr
  • Gwynn Chio took 6th place in 100 mtr
  • 4×400 relay team took 5th place. Team – Aanya Higashionna, Anfisa Pitchkhadze, Nina Ofitserova and Gwynn Chio.
  • Gwynn Chio took 5th place in High Jump
  • Allison Warren took 6th place in Pole Vault